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  • Fall Looks Like Summer in Modern Recruiting World: Fall recruiting has "become just as important as the summer," Denver coach Bill Tierney said.- Lacrosse Magazine Online  Click Here


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  • Conflicts of Interest Litter Complex Recruiting Process - US Lacrosse issued a statement expressing concern over the the complex nature of collegiate recruiting process for high school student-athletes.  -Lacrosse Magazine Online  Click Here


  • Beyond Big Time, Opportunities Abound: Between the Men's Collegiate Lacrosse Association and the US Lacrosse Women's Division Intercollegiate Associates, schools from big-name conferences (Big Ten: Minnesota, Michigan, Michigan State), (Big 12: Texas, Baylor, Kansas), (Pac 10: Stanford, USC, UCLA) and (SEC: Vanderbilt, Florida, Ole Miss) mingle on a regular basis in non-varsity, lacrosse-only leagues with less heralded rivals from, say, Lindenwood, Texas State and Chico State, in one big melting pot. - Lacrosse Magazine Online Click Here


  • Make the most of the recruiting videos you send to college coaches: Recruiting Video Do's and Don'ts - Lacrosse Magazine Online Click Here


  • Beware of the Recruiting Racket (And those who Profit From It), March 2014 Click Here


  • Getting recruited, how can a player and parent determine what to do?

    There has been an explosion in the past few years of teams, events and services that claim to help players get recruited.


    1. First and foremost, determine what you and your family want out of college. Cost, how far, class offerings, etc.
    2. Learn more about college lacrosse and the recruiting process.
    3. Ask questions! Find out the reputation of the group soliciting your money. For example how much does it costs, how many and where will the college coaches be in attendance (not just projected!) and how many other participants will be in attendance. For instance, it doesn’t do players any good if the coaches are at a different facility than you or there are a 1,000s players in attendance.
    4. College coaches want to hear from the player and the player’s coach not a 3rd party recruiting service. Be proactive. Regardless of what you do to get recruited, promote yourself.
    5. Get enough exposure without burning yourself out! Each time you play in front of college coaches it is an audition. Be certain you represent your best.
    6. It is not an exact science or an overnight process. Grades and playing with passion are the 2 most important aspects to playing college lacrosse.

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