Our Story

Lacrosse shares a camaraderie with the Buffalo-Niagara region as they are two of the oldest of their kind.  But while lacrosse continues to grow in popularity at unprecedented rates, Buffalo is not one of the fastest growing American cities.  The Buffalo Lacrosse Academy (BLA) was created in an effort to support both the sport and the city we love, and link their future together.

In 2004 two childhood friends both moved back to Buffalo after experiencing life and lacrosse outside of Western New York.  After much discussion they decided the best way to give back to the lacrosse community that gave them so much was to start a lacrosse program whose primary focus was to serve as a bridge between local athletes and college programs.
Around the same time, the Buffalo Lacrosse Association (South Buffalo) program already had travel teams exposing its players to college coaches.  For the next 5 years the Buffalo Lacrosse Academy and South Buffalo lacrosse collaborated behind the scenes, while running two independent programs. 

In that same time period, the Buffalo Lacrosse Academy teamed up with Providence College and other local colleges in forming the Lake Erie Showcase, the most successful and largest area college recruited lacrosse tournament.  To enhance player development, the BLA also started a Fall Ball, Winter Program and its Rising Stars Camp which focuses on giving younger lacrosse players the ideas to play higher level youth lacrosse.

The list of names to thank for all that they have contributed since the BLA’s inception in 2005 is much too long to list.  However, numerous family, friends and strangers both near and far have all contributed to the goals these two old friends set out to accomplish back in the beginning.  So thanks to everyone who has selflessly contributed to the BLA.  The BLA and Western New York lacrosse will forever be indebted to you.

Thank you for sharing your time with us - we hope your lacrosse experience brings you the enjoyment that it has brought us for the better part of our lives.  We owe so much to the many individuals who have come before us.  We fully believe that lacrosse can help facilitate a bigger and brighter Buffalo-Niagara region.


To focus on the player outcomes of character, college and career over team outcome of winning without character.

Teaching Mission

Let the lacrosse capture the mind and let the teaching capture the heart.

Player Development Program

The BLA strives to develop the total student-lacrosse athlete.  Through much hard work and continual enhancement, the BLA Player Development Program is a curriculum that strives to enhance player growth while having fun.  It includes the BLA Fall Ball training league, Winter Warm-up 5-on-5 league, summer clinics and the Rising Stars Camp, and summer Summer Travel Teams.  For more information click here.

The Name

The Buffalo Lacrosse Academy (BLA) was the name chosen by its founders to signify that the BLA is a place of teaching and learning the skills of lacrosse and the values to remain with its lacrosse students throughout life.

BLA Colors

The original colors of the Buffalo Lacrosse Academy were Navy Blue, Gray and White. American history has traditionally given opposing sides the colors of Blue and Gray, in part due to the colors of Union and Confederate soldiers uniforms during the Civil War. We felt that those colors were symbolic of what was begun when the BLA was formed.  In 2010 the primary colors were changed to Navy Blue, Yellow and white to when the Buffalo Lacrosse Association (South Buffalo) combined with the BLA.  Green and Gray are also used as accent colors.

BLA Logo

Carrying on the popular American tradition dating back to the late 1880’s of organizations adopting a logo, the BLA founders chose a shield to represent it. The shield was chosen as a symbol of strength, tradition and education. The BLA’s mission is premised on the idea of providing the strongest possible quality in every team and event the BLA orchestrates. Another essential part of the BLA’s mission is to continually teach its lacrosse students the value of remembering the true traditions of the original game begun by North America’s indigenous people and the more recent teachers of modern sport. The buffalo in the crest is following the tradition of using the animal to represent the city, even though buffalo never actually roamed Western New York!

The three lines in the lower right corner signify Niagara Falls, one of the many great assets in the Buffalo-Niagara region.  In the lower left corner are crossed sticks, one being a older style stick, still commonly used in the women’s game and the other a modern men’s stick.  The choice in sticks is meant to represent the BLA’s commitment to remembering the great history of the sport while celebrating today’s women’s and men’s games.

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